About ChannelVAS

Channel VAS is a developer of Mobile Value Added Services that includes Virtual Airtime Distribution, Mobile Financial, Mobile Advertising and Content services for Mobile Operators.

Our technology programs in Athens, Cairo and Delhi deliver concepts and technologies that are at the forefront of mobile industry trends.

Virtual Airtime Distribution optimizes the airtime distribution mix by adding a channel that is accessible via SMS, USSD, IVR, Web and App, whereas our Mobile Advertising platform propels Mobile Operators into the digital ad ecosystem – see AdVoice for further details.

Through adding value to our clients’ top line revenues and to their subscribers’ experiences, we have attained strong positions in the African and Middle East markets. We are now in the process of replicating the same in the Latin American, Asian Pacific and Western regions.

Channel VAS is a member of the Channel IT Group, an international Telecom Services & Supplies company and a market leader in Mobile Network Infrastructure, Airtime Credit Services and Mobile Value Added Services.

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